Monday, July 21, 2008

Thank You!

I just wanted to say thank-you to everyone who came to Taylor's baptism! It was such a beautiful, wonderful day. We had a full house with wonderful talks given by Uncle Ryan and Uncle Mike. Micah Judd and Bishop Lasson also shared some inspired thoughts and the spirit there was so strong. I have done many things in my life that I'm not proud of, but on Saturday I felt overwhelmed with pride. I had to have done something right for Taylor to have such a strong desire to choose the right and be baptized. She is loved by SO many people and it was felt very much on her big day. She was surprised with a beautiful card that was passed around the room and signed by everyone there. People wrote some really kind thoughts and shared praises and love that she will be able to keep forever. So again, thank you for loving her and supporting her during this milestone in her life!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Into the waters....

I'm doing this today because I know that with everything that is going on this weekend...the blog will get ignored! We are so excited that Taylor has made the choice to get baptized!! She can't wait and has told everyone she knows! We have family coming in town and even Uncle Jeff got leave from the Marines to be able to come. Do I really have a kid old enough to get baptized?? Eight years have flown by and it makes me very nervous to think that another eight years will happen in fast forward and I'll be posting pictures of Taylor's new car since she'll be old enough to drive!! Ahhh!
Anyway, for all of our local friends...if you haven't gotten the word...Tay's big day is this Saturday @ 1:00. We'd love to see everyone there!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Backyard Blow-up Slide Pool Thingy

July 4th...Better late than never right?

We had a great Independence Day! We spent the afternoon playing on a huge blow-up waterslide/pool thing that Seth splurged on last week and Gramma and Grampa came over to visit. Then, our friends the Turners invited us over for a cook-out and fireworks. This is my favorite holiday (Christmas takes a very close second) because it's all about spending time together, being thankful for this wonderful country and our freedoms, and it's in the middle of summer!! I have so many great memories of Fourth of Julys...swimming, grilling, sand volleyball, the WHOLE family together, and of course the fireworks!! I hope that my girls will remember how truly blessed they are to live in this country. There is something to be said about American pride...God bless America!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Cute Cousins!

Two of my Leyva cousins flew into Knoxville on Sunday because they were going to spend a day with my sister and her family before they went to EFY @ Southern Virginia College. However, my sister is on vacation for two weeks so I got the job of driving to K-town to pick them up and take them to Buena Vista, VA the next day. Yes, it was a LOT of driving, but I was so so so happy to get to hang out with Alexx and Ryen! They are so great!! Alexx had a little bit of a stomach bug but toughed it out and was awesome to be around...he's a trooper! :) After picking them up @ the airport in Knoxville, we were trying to decide what we could do for fun. We drove around for what seemed like forever trying to find something...anything...and then we decided that Knoxville must only be good for one thing....EATING! There were restaurants everywhere...but nothing else. Until, we finally made our way to good ol' Putt-Putt golf. Of course, I kicked their trash...but it was fun! Spending time with them really made me sad that we have lived across the country form them their whole lives (they live in Reno, NV)...I feel like I've really missed out on a lot. But it makes little things like this end up being so fun when, normally, it might have been a little lame!! I love you guys!! Can't wait to see you in November!