Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Carving!

We ahd so much fun carving pumpkins with my sis and her kids and our friends, the McCray's...I think they turned out pretty dang good!


Seth discovered the other day what happens when you are putting stuff away in the attic and accidentally step off the floor boards....way to go babe!! (Don't you love his Scooby Doo pants?)

Our New Room!

So I can't even begin to explain how excited I am that our bedroom is FINALLY decorated!! My friend Amanda has an amazing ability for interior design and in 2 days she transformed my room!! I didn't see a thing until she was done and I didn't even know what to expect (I told her to surprise me!) but I can honestly say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and am so thankful for her and her talents!! It's good to know amazing people!! Thanks Amanda!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Why my heart skips a beat....

It's the eyes....what can i say!!?? We were at Charlie Daniels Park the other day and I was spying on my fam with the telephoto lens...Seth must have sensed he was being watched cuz he looked up just in time for me to snap this picture....sigh!! This is my new desktop image!! ;)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I got tagged....

And I actually have 5 minutes for myself!!! Okay so here's the list of crazy eights!
8 Favorite TV Shows.....
The Price is Right (w/ Bob Barker of course)
American Idol
Amazing Race
Cold Case

8 Favorite Restaurants......
Ruth's Chris
PF Changs
Olive Garden
The Melting Pot

8 Things that happened yesterday.....
I read a book (The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks...good!)
worked on pictures
went to Tay's soccer game
went to IHOP with my dad and the girls
talked to seth on the phone
got to actually TAKE some pictures...yay!
did NOT make dinner (cereal is just as good right?)
let tay and reagan sleep with me...yeah, I'm tired!

8 things to look forward to.....
The one day a week when Seth's home
Thanksgiving in Arizona
The next paycheck
When the girls go to bed
the next book I'm gonna read (don't know what it is yet though)
our next softball game
alone time with the hubby ;)

8 things I love about Fall.......
The colors!
Fall break from school ( I LOVE having Tay home)
getting all my boots out ( I have a fetish)
Thanksgiving ( well...just the turkey and ham!!)
Pumpkin Pie (homemade of course)
Hockey season
time change (love getting that extra hour)

8 things on my wish list.....
a Substantial financial cushion :)
a HUGE backyard
for my girls to stay strong
laser hair removal ( I HATE shaving)
to go on another cruise
for Seth to only have to work one day a week
For Obama to LOSE the election (I think he might be related to Satan) :)

It's October?!?

I can't believe everything that has happened since my last post!! Let's see, where to start...Seth was gone for military training for about 3 weeks (way last minute assignment), Taylor started 3rd grade and decided she wanted to try soccer instead of playing Fall Ball this year ( I didn't mind too much cuz I needed a break from coaching!), Reagan started a co-op preschool program with some other kids her age from church, I want to strangle Alyx every other day because she is in full blown terrible two mode!!, Seth started Paramedic School and is NEVER home and has had to cut back his hours at the gym as a result (less money is never a good thing!), and, oh yeah, did I mention that I'm the new Young Women's President? Just when I thought I couldn't possibly handle anything else on my plate, our bishop asked if I would be in charge of the Young women 12 to 18 years old at our church. I was terrified!! But I must say...these girls are AMAZING! We have 21 girls who constantly impress me with their strength and talents. I only wish I had their convictions and testimonies of Jesus Christ when I was that age. I am so proud that my daughters have them to look up to. My life has only been blessed by being around these ladies!!
So what next?!?
I guess what has stood out the most through all of this chaos we call 'normal life' is that things ALWAYS work joke! When you put others before yourself, Heavenly Father does not leave you hangin'! It may not be in a way that you think of as 'ideal'...but it works nonetheless! There is an eerie sense of peace in my chaotic life right now that I haven't experienced before...or maybe just haven't appreciated until now...who knows...either way, I'm happy, we're living life one day at a time and learning to enjoy it despite the craziness!!