Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Follow The Chocolate Trail

The Judds came over to play today!! While Micah and I were engrossed in conversation, Reagan, Alyx, Jace, and Jacob were free to entertain themselves however they saw fit. At one point, while the older kids were outside riding scooters, we realized that Jacob (1 year old) was being WAY too quiet upstairs. Micah went to investigate and this is what she found!! Notice the stream of chocolate drool, sucker still in hand, and all of those EMPTY candy wrappers! Too funny!! Needless to say, Jacob found the Halloween candy bowl and decided to help himself! Talk about party-til-you-drop!! :)


Champion Family said...

That is hilarious! That kid knows what is up! I love that he still has a sucker in his hand and drooling chocolate!

Jeremy said...

This picture brings me so much joy!