Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beautiful Bit-Bit

So last week Alyx decided to chop her hair off.... I was on the phone and Taylor came into the room with a horrified look on her face and a handful of hair. She told me she found Alyx upstairs with scissors. grrrrrr! Her hair had FINALLY reached the point where it was all the same length and growing beautifully... then she decides to give herself a mullet. I did the best I could to give her a stylish VERY short bob, but she still has a "baldspot" behind her left ear. So to remedy the problem, I made some obnoxious, big flower clips to cover it up! After putting in her favorite pink one, she wanted me to take her picture. It was so cute because the petals on the flower kept tickling her ear and she couldn't stop laughing!! Oh the good things that come from catastrophes!


sandals said...

I LOVE it! It's perfect on her and these pictures are priceless!